Saturday, 24 June 2017

Night Life in Izmir

Merhaba ! Here in Izmir, apart from beach, fishing and swimming, night bazaar is also choice to enjoy your holiday. Before night comes, night bazaar district is so quiet but when night comes, that district comes alive. You can see various kinds of shops on the street including foods, clothes and crafts. My husband bought me blues agates and handmade necklace. I have small collections of agates in my home.  

Also, Izmir is one of most "Freedom of religion" cities in Turkey. Everyone knows Turkey is Muslim country. But of course there is small percentage of people who are deist or atheist. Especially, in Izmir, unlike other cities in Turkey, people have more western way of thinking. It's common here drinking alcohol at beach. But in other cities, except for bars, night clubs and restaurants, I can't imagine what will happen if someone drinks alcohol on street.  

We also enjoyed drinking alcohol at home. In Turkey, except for bars, night clubs and restaurants, alcohol is only available before 10pm. It's illegal after 10 pm if shops sell alcohol to customers. Living in different culture sometimes makes me surprise but it's also interesting to know cultural difference.

Friday, 23 June 2017


Merhaba ! Today as we planned yesterday, we went fishing. 🐟 Fortunately, his parents love fishing, they had various things for fishing. We carried everything by bicycles. 🚵💫

Couple days ago, we went to fishing store to buy bait. This time we bought shell bait. My husband cut shell into small pieces.

 These are his secret weapons. I'm not familiar with these fishing tools, but I can see they are for different fishes.

My husband fished 2 fishes today. Still fishes are small. According to local people here, soon fishing season will begin. I should get used to touch fishes and bait.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Teşekkür ederim 💫

Merhaba ! In this morning, we got lots of presents from his parents. They sent us lots of things for summer vacation. They are pink shoes, olive cream, lipstick, two books and couple clothes. I am really appreciated his parents.

Also, they sent us another big package. Inside of package was full with snacks. 💚

Since, supermarket is far from this home, it was so hard to going shopping. For a while, we don't need to go shopping ! 💞 Çok Teşekkür ederim 💕

Tomorrow, we are planning to go fishing. 🐟🐋🐊🐡🐠🐬

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Knick Knack store

Merhaba ! Today we went to centre to buy daily commodities. While we were walking on street, we found one Knick Knack Store. Inside of store had variety of products including my favourite blue eyes. Each costs 2 TL ( 0.6 USD ). The yellow moon thing is plastic wine cork. It was 1.5 TL ( 0.4 USD ).

After shopping, we went to Migros ( supermarket ). In Migros, I bought strawberry donut. ❤

Soon, Ramadan will end.( Ramadan is 9th month of Islamic calendar. During Ramadan month, Muslims have to fast. Every year, month is changing according to Islamic calendar. ) After Ramadan finishes, people will gather together and celebrate Bayram. In Ramadan month, even you are not Muslim, it's better to show respect to other Muslims. Until the Sun goes down, they can't eat and drink. Cafes and restaurants are open for non- Muslims. But on street, you shouldn't eat and drink.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Merhaba ! Today we went to play tennis.🎾💗 Last time when I played tennis was high school PE class. It took a while until I remember how to play.

We were too serious to play tennis and I smashed so hard. One ball went beyond the court. After all we could find the ball. It was on grape tree. 💦

Today weather was so hot. So after playing tennis, we went to eat Turkish chewy ice cream. They have variety flavours. One day I wanna complete all flavours. Today we chose strawberry with cocktail flavours. 🍦=🍸+🍓 Vendor puts extra cocktail flavour.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Swinging hammock

Merhaba ! Today we spent all the day outside for organizing our garden. Since here is vacation home, we have to organize everything by ourselves. First thing we did was cleaning porch. 💪

My husband told me his parents just bought this flower swinging hammock. Whenever I'm sitting here, this makes me sleepy. Here is good place for taking a nap. ( If you don't mind you'll get a tan. )   

As you may know, apart from Kebab, Turkish ice cream is also internationally famous. The reason is Turkish ice cream is unique. Turkish ice cream is chewy with an elastic texture and it stretches like a chewing gum. Once you try this, you won't be satisfy with normal ice cream.

The place we bought ice cream didn't have performance, but normally, especially at touristic place, vendors are selling ice cream with roguish performance so as to entertain customers. I strongly recommend you to try this ! And after try this, tell me how was it. 💕 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Intense relationship with relatives

Merhaba! In this morning, relative called us and invited for dinner.

This was one of culture shocks since I married Turkish man. In Turkey, the relationship with relative is much closer than people think. At summer home, almost every night, relatives invite each other and gather in one place and spend time together until midnight. First time, when I was invited at night, I was wondering isn't it rude if we stay at their home until late night, but I realised it is more rude if I don't stay longer and enjoy conversation. Turkish people love to chat with Çay ( Black tea with sugar ). 

I thought this frequently meeting with relatives can only be happened during summer vacation period. However, this is normal thing here in Turkey. They have lots of interesting things to talk. Spending nights with Turkish people never make me bored.