Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Steal all stars and hang them on the ceiling

Merhaba ! These days, the moon is beautiful. Since daytime is so hot, we are usually walking at night. Night atmosphere makes our walking special. Everywhere is dark except for people's homes. We dare to walk to dark place so that we can see more stars. I am scared of darkness of course, but I'm not alone. There is always someone holds me tightly.

I was sentimental in this morning. Looking at my luggage and packing my stuff tidily. 

There are so many things I wanna buy, but at the same time, I am wondering do I really want them? I became Minimalist when I was sophomore. Sometimes, I ask myself did minimalism make you happy? Actually, it was good to be Minimalist but also I lost something important in my life. It's not clear what I lost, but surely I feel lost.

So, my goal of 2017 is getting back the things I lost in last 3 years. It may not be found, but it's valuable to proceed to find out what I lost.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Canopy Bed

Merhaba ! Since last night, Germany aunt brought my stuff. I am planning to decorate our room with cloth. I wanna make "canopy bed "in our room. I assume it will look like princess room and we can relax more.

My small black bag also came. This bag is so convenient. Even the size is small, though I can put so many things inside. Wherever I go, I am always taking this bag with me. I put blue flowers on this bag just because I wanted to make it cute.

Tonight, we went to music bar near beach. The moon was astonishingly beautiful. Sea was reflecting moon light. We sat near beach and listened sound of wave. My adorable husband was singing some of songs he knows. There is nothing better than listening music while drinking.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Memorial coin

Merhaba ! Today we stayed all the night awake and went to beach from the early morning.

I brought my best friend Mavi tavşan. We are always together since I was high school student. While we were swimming, he was watching our stuff.

At evening, we went to buy fan. These days, we couldn't sleep at all because of high temperature. We went Migros and Şok to find this. After shopping, my husband noticed something interesting. The coins, casher gave us were rare coins. Left coin is normal currency in circulation. Right coin is rare coin which is memorial coin. In 2015, Turkey had "coupe attempt" and so many people died during this time. After it ended, government decided to circulate this memorial coin. 

At night, my husband's aunt came from Germany. They brought my stuff from Germany too. I am really appreciated since I missed my stuff so much.

Saturday, 1 July 2017


Merhaba ! I am trying to organize my personal stuff ever since I became minimalist. At last, I wanna have 2,3 winter jackets, 4,5 spring/ autumn jackets, and some of summer clothes too. My ideal is live with one luggage so as to make travelling easier. After I came to Turkey, I tried to get rid of unnecessary things from my backpack. And yes I did. But still I wanna make my personal things more sophisticated.

These days, I am curious about "survival". Almost everyday, I am checking survival products on Amazon. I am planning to buy couple gloves, blanket, light, portable water tank and more. After I came to Turkey, my mind was always nervous. It sounds insane but at that time I was serious about something emergency all the day.

2016 was the year, terrorism happened at everywhere. I was always talking about how to escape from building, how to survive under unusual situation. My husband told me nothing gonna happen to you. I will protect you from everything. But obviously, husband is not superman. So we both have to find a way how to survive in emergency. Without enough preparation, we won't survive.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Strange green beans "Nohut"

Merhaba ! Today we went shopping for buying groceries. Mostly, we prefer to eat salad, soup and pasta everyday. 

After we came home, we went to sea to catch  a fishing bait. I was sitting on the sand and my husband was digging the ground. After sunset, stars started shinning and they were so beautiful.

 At my husband's aunt home, I saw weird green beans.

It's called Nohut ( Green beans ). These beans are edible when they are raw. It tasted like grass....  But people are  normally cooking them and making meal.

Last night, we ate chicken salad. This is one of my favourite foods. Whenever we have chicken in fridge, we are always eating this salad.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Make a space personalize.

Merhaba ! Today, babaanne stayed our home and cooked breakfast and dinner for us. Today was insanely hot !! Temperature was 38℃. I never experienced this much hot weather in my life. Unfortunately, this week Izmir will be more hot... From tomorrow, temperature will be more than 42℃. I am still wondering why Turkey doesn't have any deserts.

I wanted to make our room more cute. So I put summer blanket on chair. I can't feel relax if the room is not cute enough. Always make a space personalize. 💕❤

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Merhaba ! Today we were so tired and outside was so hot, so we couldn't hang out. We just walked around our home. One neighbour's garden has beautiful blue flower tree. We didn't know what kind of flower though.  

One of my husband hobbies is cooking. Every meal, he is the one cooking in kitchen. Whenever someone learns our way of dividing housework, everyone gets shock. Especially, here in Turkey, it's common women are doing all housework. That's why relatives know our way of roles, always told us "She should learn how to cook. Let her cook and let her serve us çay." Let me say one thing here, unfortunately, I can cook, but I don't like cooking. And my husband hates organizing our room. So our way is rational. I'm organizing, He is cooking.

This is one of traditional Turkish breakfast called Menemen. It consists of eggs, tomatoes, peppers and more. Since I love onions, my husband always add onions too. When you come to Turkey, I strongly recommend you to eat this.